DFIC has merged our top two finance-related clubs that exist at McMaster: the McMaster Investment Council and DeGroote Finance Association. DFIC is now the only club focused solely on providing career workshops, learning seminars, networking opportunities and stock pitches to non-MBA McMaster students of finance.  

The association operates under the DeGroote Commerce Society and is sponsored by the DeGroote School of Business, and supported by the Center for Business Career Development, and led by a team of undergraduate business students.

MANDATE: "Ambition Lives Here"

To be a resource to all students who wish to seek a career in finance (Buy/Sell-Side, Consulting, at a Fortune 500, Corporate Law) and to endorse all finance related activities at McMaster University. Our main goal with the association is to provide our members with adequate resources to succeed in the competitive finance industry. We aim to accomplish this goal by providing our members with....


  • Delivering Hands-On Experience

    • Capital Markets Workshop

    • Annual Case Competition 

    • Stock Market Challenge (in partnership with MacAI and MacMIRC) 

    • Premium Membership Resources (Interview Guides, Modeling Prep etc)

    • Mentorship Program (Level 1-2 Undergraduate Focus)


  • Networking Events 

    • Campus Recruiters

    • Industry Professionals

    • Alumni

    • and others

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