Workshop 3: Intro to Accounting and DCF Analysis + Stock Pitch Competition Info Session

Come join us at the Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) & Accounting Workshop on Wednesday, January 29th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in DeGroote School of Business room 505. This event will be presented by the DFA & DAA. The Stock Pitch competition info session will also be taking place in the last 20 minutes of the event. These topics for the DCF workshop include: • Discounted Cash Flow concept • Free Cash Flow • Change in Working Capital and Capital Expenditures • WACC & Discounted Rates overview • Cost of Debt & Cost of Equity • Preferred Stock • Beta • Discounting Cash Flows • Terminal Value • Sensitivity Tables At the end of the workshop, we will be introducing our stock pitch competition for this year and discuss criteria, dates and deadlines! If there are any additional questions about the event, please email

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